Offering ergonomic carriers made from their beautiful woven wraps, LennyLamb prides itself on high quality babywearing items in stunning prints and weaves.  Their woven wraps and ring slings are easy to break in and are perfect for beginners and expert wrappers.

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doll carrier lenny lamb grey camo
LennyLamb Matching Drool Pads/Reach Straps Set - Click for Colour Selection
lennyup smoky mint
lenny lamb sea adventure light swaddle blanket
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Baby Carriers Canada Lenny Lamb Onbu Diamond Plaid
lenny up peacock's tail fantasy
lenny lamb peacocks tail fantasy woven wrap
lenny lamb luna onbuhimo canada
lenny lamb smoky fuchsia onbuhimo
lennyup carousel of colors
lennyup oasis
lennylamb herringbone rainbow navy woven babyw rap
peacock's tail fantasy wrap tai lennylamb canada
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lenny lamb ring sling canada peacock's tail fantasy
woven baby wrap lenny lamb glittering snow queen
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Swaddle Blanket Rainbow Lace.jpg
babywearing sweater canada black with hematite
lennyup canada denim blue
lennyup dragonfly rainbow
lennyup canada little herringbone rainbow navy
lennylamb lennyup canada selenite
lenny lamb baby carrier canada herringbone rainbow navy
lenny lamb ring sling canada herringbone rainbow navy
lennylamb yucca jazzy ring sling canada
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lennylamb diamond plaid
lenny lamb herringbone impression dark ring sling
lennyup herringbone illusion
lenny lamb countryside plaid onbuhimo canada
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lennylamb babywearing sweatshirt black with symphony rainbow
lennyup canada dragonfly farewell to the sun lennylamb
lenny lamb ring sling dragonfly farewell to the sun
lenny lamb woven wrap dragonfly farewell to the sun
lennylamb moonlight eagle wrap tai canada
lennylamb basic line ring sling azurite
lenny lamb toddler carrier herbarium
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lennylamb wraptai carousel of colors
253 results
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