Meh Dais

Meh Dai style carriers are a great hybrid between woven wraps and buckle carriers.  They provide the amazing comfort of a wrap without all the material.  We offer Meh Dai carriers made from beautiful woven wraps, which provide beauty and support.

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lenny lamb wrap tai canada light and shadow
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lennylamb wraptai carousel of colors
lennylamb wrap tai canada smoky fuchsia
Denim Blue.jpg
lennylamb bubo owls, lost in bordeaux wraptai canada
lennylamb rainbow symphony wraptai canada
lennylamb rainbow symphony light wrap tai canada
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lennylamb colors of heaven wrap tai canada
lennylamb wraptai herringbone imagination
lennylamb herringbone inspiration wraptai canada
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Mei Tai Meh Dai Wrap Tai Canada Lenny Lamb Big Love Rainbow Baby Carrier.jpg
LennyLamb WrapTai - Magnolia
lennylamb butterfly rainbow light wraptai canada
lenny lamb wraptai canada luna
mei tai in canada lenny lamb symphony flamenco
lennylamb wrap tai rainbow swallows light
lennylamb wraptai rainbow lace canada
lennylamb wraptai herringbone impression
Colors of Fantasy.jpg
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lennylamb big love ice mint wraptai canada
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