Punkin Butt Ear Oil 1oz

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Being a baby is hard work!  Especially when it comes with earaches, as many kids experience during a cold, teething or other illness.  Punkin Butt Ear Oil gently cleanses and soothes your little one's ear canal, providing comfort when needed. 

Warm the bottle by placing in a cup of hot water for 30 seconds and be sure to test a drop on your wrist before placing in baby's ear.  Lay your little one down, placing 2-3 drops in each ear a few times each day as needed.  You can use a cotton ball to keep the oil from dripping out.

Warning:  Do not use if ear drum is punctured.  If infection is suspected, please see your doctor.

Ingredients:  organic sunflower infused with organic plants of calendula, mullein and garlic bulbs, Vitamin E.

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